Jeremy Wells and Hilary Barry's hilarious response to critics

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Friday, 21 April 2023, 1:21PM

Last night, Jeremy Wells and Hilary Barry's antics had Seven Sharp viewers in hysterics. 

Subtly calling out those who have previously scrutinised Hilary for her shoulder-baring tops, the majority of Thursday night’s episode saw Jeremy wearing a suit and tie, however in the final two minutes of the show he changed things up.

Wearing a patterned off-the-shoulder top that he appeared to have plucked from the wardrobe of his co-host, Hilary fiddled with the sleeve of it before telling Jeremy, “I think it looks quite nice.”

“Oh thanks, wonder what Barbara will say,” he replied - a seeming dig toward those who have criticised Hilary in the past.

As the two signed off from the show, Jeremy could be seen having a little shoulder shimmy in the top appearing quite comfortable - who doesn’t love a secure man?

These antics come only a couple of days after Hilary posted a photo of herself wearing an off-the-shoulder top on her Instagram with a red arrow drawn on the picture pointing to her shoulder. She captioned the post “trigger warning”.

She posted another photo last night, this time of Wells in the off-the-shoulder top with the same red arrow and caption, “trigger warning?”

The post drew hundreds of comments from friends and fans of the star, with New Zealand cricketer Grant Elliot appearing to sarcastically write, “Little bit too much flesh there from Jeremy. He likes to put himself out there doesn’t he?”

Barry replied, “I didn’t expect to have to share my clothes with him!”

Meanwhile, a fan commented, “Double standards if it’s okay for him but not for you!” A third commented, “Absolutely brilliant - both of you! Down with the Karens and Darrens the haters and fakers!”

In 2021 Barry slammed one critic who told her that wearing a shoulder-bearing top on television was “hardly appropriate”.

“Hilary,” the outraged New Zealander wrote, “that top is hardly appropriate for the role of a tv presenter. Come on you can do better than this.”

“Perhaps you could be more specific?” she countered, only to be met with radio silence.

Go Hilary!

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with edits and permission.

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