John Farnham has just announced his upcoming memoir, 'The Voice Inside'

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Wednesday, 10 April 2024, 9:01AM
Photo / Getty Images with edits

Photo / Getty Images with edits

"I hope the book engages and entertains because that’s what so much of my life has been about."

John Farnham’s long-awaited debut memoir, The Voice Inside, has just been announced and we can't wait to read it!

Hachette Australia and Talentworks announced the memoir, revealing that John worked with Poppy Stockell, who recently wrote and directed his biopic, Finding The Voice, to write this memoir in his voice. 

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The book will explore John's upbringing in Melbourne in the '60s, releasing the highest-selling Australian album of all time, Whispering Jack, his decades-long touring career, and his story of resilience.

As well as the successes, he will also share the downs, including the years in which his career stalled, facing debts, triumphing through adversity, even against mouth cancer, and moving forward after the heartbreaking loss of his long-time friend and manager Glenn Wheatley.

In a statement, John revealed that it’s finally the “right time” to tell his story. “Having been asked many times, it finally felt like the right time to sit down and tell my story,” he said.


“It is a very strange feeling looking back on my life, on the good and the bad, and now that I have started, it is all rushing back. I hope the book engages and entertains because that’s what so much of my life has been about.”

Poppy added, “Working with John on his memoir has been like sitting down with an old friend, who also happens to be an absolute legend, to share stories that are both deeply personal and wildly entertaining.

“His resilience and sense of humour shine through every recollection, making this project a genuine reflection of the man behind the music. It’s been a joy to help bring his tales to life, and I can’t wait for readers to get an unfettered glimpse of the man whose music is the soundtrack to so many of our lives.”

The Voice Inside by John Farnham with Poppy Stockell will be released in November.


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