John Farnham "may never perform again" after 12-hour surgery to remove tumour

Publish Date
Thursday, 25 August 2022, 11:57AM

Following the news legendary singer John Farnham had been admitted to hospital to undergo surgery after being diagnosed with cancer, it has now been revealed he "may never perform live again."

The 73-year-old singer was admitted to hospital on Tuesday morning for a 12-hour surgery to remove a tumour from his mouth.

Farnham had to have part of his jaw removed in the operation, requiring the assistance of 26 medical staff.

The entertainer, who had been a long-term smoker but gave up when urged to by his children, went under at 8am on Tuesday and the surgery was finished by 7.30pm, his family said.

The 'You're The Voice' singer is now recovering in ICU and is in a stable condition.

Surgeons are confident they have remove all traces of the cancerous growth from his body.

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