John Farnham's manager shares update on the singer's recovery after major cancer surgery

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Monday, 20 February 2023, 5:25PM

Following the news John Farnham underwent emergency surgery after being diagnosed with mouth cancer, his manager has shared an update on his ongoing recovery.

The 73-year-old singer was admitted to hospital in August last year for a 12-hour surgery to remove a tumour from his mouth.

Farnham had to have part of his jaw removed in the operation, requiring the assistance of 26 medical staff.

Co-manager and close friend David Wilson told The Daily Telegraph that the legendary Aussie musician was in fine form over Christmas during family celebrations but that his recovery has been "a process."

"It is a process, it is slow and steady as she goes. He is going well," he said.

Wilson described how the room was filled with laughter on Christmas Day with Farnham at the centre of the fun.

"The Christmas tradition of after Christmas lunch sitting outside while John hosts music trivia questions continued," Wilson added.

"He was MC with the family all gathered around and we laughed like drains as we were all tested on our musical knowledge.”

Great to hear he's doing well!

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