Keith Urban pays beautiful tribute to Christine McVie with live Fleetwood Mac medley

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Monday, 5 December 2022, 5:57PM

Keith Urban has joined in the celebrity tributes to Christine McVie following the tragic news that she passed away, aged 79, after a short illness.

While performing on the Gold Coast, the Kiwi musician stopped his show to honour McVie's memory.

"We lost one of the members of Fleetwood Mac, the incredible Christine McVie, who was amazing," he told the audience.

"For me growing up, listening to their music, you had three incredible vocalists in that band. You had Lindsey Buckingham, who brought this kind of punk, angular ethos to the whole thing.

"And you had Stevie Nicks’ voice, which was angelic - otherworldly. And then you had Christine, who for me, was the maternal, soulful heartbeat, vocally, in that band."

The 53-year-old country music star then belted out a beautiful medley of the Fleetwood Mac songs which were fronted by McVie, including 'Say You Love Me,' 'Everywhere' and 'Songbird.'

Throughout Urban's tribute, a photo of McVie was beamed onto the screen behind him.

McVie died Wednesday morning in hospital, where she was surrounded by family and friends.

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