Kevin Bacon and Jimmy Fallon perform hilarious parody of Tears for Fears' 'Head Over Heels'

Publish Date
Friday, 5 August 2022, 1:56PM

There's no denying music lovers love a good parody.

But while social media feeds have been awash with a multitude of coronavirus-themed song parodies over the past two years, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon have decided to mix it up.

Performing together on The Tonight Show for a segment called "First Drafts of Rock," the pair gave fans a hilarious alternate version of Tears for Fears' 1985 song 'Head Over Heels.'

Standing in for Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith - complete with the iconic '80s haircuts - Bacon and Fallon showcased the supposed "first draft" of the hit song.

While the original tune opens with "I wanted to be with you alone and talk about the weather," this version takes the discussion of the weather to a whole new level.

Too good!

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