Mall customers left red-faced after a hilarious x-rated Christmas display mistake

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Thursday, 22 November 2018, 8:32AM
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Photo / Getty

Whoever put up these Christmas decorations had ONE job!

But somehow they managed to fail hilariously after two polar bears in "a private moment" slipped through the cracks, leaving shoppers amused by the R16 Christmas display.

Customers took to social media to tell of their amusement after the spotting the two polar bear's X-rated position in the middle of Tynwald Mills mall on the Isle of Man.

"It seems Tynwald Mills wish us all a Merry F***ing Christmas. Gives a new meaning to riding the Polar Express," one shopper wrote.

"Went to Tynwald Mills today and was quite amused yet disturbed by the placement of their Xmas polar bears," another commented.


A third said: "If anyone got offended they need to get a life. It sure made me laugh."

While someone else added: "I completely understand some people may have been offended by the display and the bears had to be told to refrain themselves. However, I thought it was hilarious and harmless for the short time they were allowed to play mummy and daddy."

In a statement, the mall apologised for the display and has since changed the lewd positioning.

A spokesman for Tynwald Mills, which is the Isle of Man's only department store and has been established for 30 years, said: "We'd like to thank our customers for getting a little too into Christmas this year with our Polar Bears in the atrium and can reassure you the display has changed somewhat since setup."

"Apologies to anybody offended by our somewhat interactive display. #NightAtTheShoppingCentre #NaughtyBear."

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