Michael Bublé posed as a Michael Bublé fan to perform with Foo Fighters

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Tuesday, 15 August 2023, 9:33AM
Photo / YouTube

Photo / YouTube

Michael Bublé made a surprise appearance at a Foo Fighters show on Saturday in San Francisco.

For months at recent Foo Fighter shows, Dave Grohl has been asking if anyone in the audience knows the lyrics to Michael Bublé's 2009 hit “Haven’t Met You Yet” and bringing up fans to sing it on stage. 

And finally, the long-running gag has paid off...

“The last couple shows — I always look out [into the crowd] — someone’s like ‘I know the Bublé song,’ ‘I’ll come up and sing,’ ‘I know the f— Bublé song,’” Grohl told the crowd at Outside Lands.

“And every time someone f— says they know the song, they don’t know the f— song. Do you know the f— song? Who knows the f— song?”

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Bublé then popped up in the audience holding a sign, reading, “I [heart] Bublé.”

“Hold on a second — we got a super-fan,” Grohl said, staying committed to the bit as Bublé approached the stage. “This motherf— better know the song.”

Without missing a beat, Bublé stepped up to the mic and began singing the first verse of the song with Freese on drums.

@consequence According Dave Grohl, Michael Bublè flew out from ARGENTINA to play the song with them @Outside Lands 😅 #foofighters #davegrohl #michaelbuble #outsidelands #festivals #livemusic #concerts ♬ original sound - consequence

“OK, this guy’s pretty good,” Grohl joked. “This guy’s pretty good.”

Grohl then chimed in for the last line, changing the lyrics on purpose from “I just haven’t met you yet” to “I just haven’t f— you yet.”

“Oh my God, it’s Michael Bublé!” Grohl exclaimed in mock surprise before finally breaking character and giving the Canadian musician a proper shout-out.

“This bad-ass motherf— flew in today from Argentina to f— sing that song to you guys,” Grohl said. “‘Cause there’s no such thing as taking a joke too far.”

Then in a backstage clip Bublé shared to Twitter he announces that he’s finally been asked to join the Foos, to which Dave Grohl says, “f–k you Bublé!”


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