Monty Python star John Cleese announces new episodes of Fawlty Towers are coming

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 February 2023, 3:21PM

Get excited Fawlty Towers fans ... because the iconic TV show is getting a reboot with creator and star John Cleese penning a new series with his daughter.

The Monty Python legend will reprise the role of Torquay hotel owner Basil Fawlty, while his daughter Camilla will play the daughter he just discovered is his.

The new series will "explore how the over-the-top, cynical and misanthropic Basil navigates the modern world," with the plot focusing on his relationship with his daughter as they manage the boutique hotel together.

Castle Rock Entertainment, which made Seinfeld and was co-founded by Spinal Tap star Rob Reiner, will produce the new series.

Fawlty Towers ran for two six-episode seasons between 1975 and 1979, with the original series following Basil and his wife Sybil - who was portrayed by Prunella Scales.

Scales, 90, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2014.

Andrew Sachs, who died in 2016, starred as hapless Spanish waiter Manuel.

It is regularly ranked among the funniest British sitcoms of all time.

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