Netflix have released the teaser trailer for Robbie Williams' four-part documentary series

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Friday, 29 September 2023, 1:06PM

The teaser trailer for Robbie Williams' four-part documentary series on Netflix has just been released.

The streaming service dropped the trailer overnight for the series, including thirty years of unseen footage from his amazing music career. 

Robbie can be seen tearing up while preparing to go on stage in the opening clip and the cameraman can be heard asking, "You all ready, Rob?"

Robbie, who is texting in the clip, looks down the lens and shakes his head, saying, "Nah, I really wish I did something else for a living," before rubbing his eyes.

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The official synopsis says that the series will be "Raw. Honest. Real." and go "behind the eyes of the biggest UK solo artist of all time, Robbie Williams.

Featuring hundreds of hours of intimate, never-before-seen personal archive spanning 30 years, by an acclaimed filmmaking team including director Joe Pearlman and Asif Kapadia as an executive producer."

Speaking to Newstalk ZB’s The Mike Hosking Breakfast show last year, Robbie explained, "I'm sure it will be warts-and-all, and I'm sure there'll be me giving away too much information about the inner workings of my life and times.

"I'm looking forward to getting it started and finding out what it is myself."

He then went on to confirm although he did have editorial control of the documentary there were, "No rules. I'm more likely than most people to leave everything in.

"I very rarely, if ever, have said, 'That’s too much, take it out.’ I normally think that it’s not enough."

Robbie has had huge success in the music industry for over three decades, selling over 75M records worldwide and he has an eye-watering estimated net worth of $300M.

Despite this, Robbie revealed he was taking up a brand new career earlier this year - as a cartoonist.

The star has started inking doodles for a new project with a working title of Robart, or “drawing things”.


The total runtime for the documentary has yet to be revealed, but assuming that each part is at least 45 minutes long, the total runtime will be around three hours.

Are you excited to watch the Robbie Williams documentary on Netflix? 

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