Nigella Lawson has said it is time to ditch the Christmas cake

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Thursday, 30 November 2023, 11:41AM
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Photo / Getty Images

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has made a surprising confession... Christmas cake is out, chocolate cake is in!

It's a statement that will divide this Christmas but Nigella has just said that Christmas cakes simply just “gather dust” sitting around and that there are better options to serve when the family comes over.

So instead of the long-standing tradition this year, she will be whipping up a chocolate cake for her family - and is urging others to do the same! 

Speaking to The Sunday Times she said that as "much as I love a slice of dense, damp Christmas cake, especially when eaten with a slice of strong, sharp cheese, I am surrounded by those who abominate dried fruit in all its seasonal manifestations."

“If no one in your family likes dried fruit, there’s no point having a Christmas cake gathering dust or just being eaten on sufferance. If chocolate cake appeals more, go for it.”

Despite the longstanding tradition of Christmas cake during this festive season, its popularity appears to be waning.

According to an Ocado consumer survey of 2,000 people, one in five who buy the dessert admitted they don’t enjoy eating Christmas cake and almost 50% of respondents also said they would rather treat themselves to chocolate cake instead of the traditional cake.


Another reason Nigella ditched the Christmas cake was “in the interest of harmony in the home,”  explaining that her grown-up children Cosima and Bruno Diamond don’t enjoy it.

“It was made clear to me long ago that, in the interest of harmony in the home, I needed to introduce a new tradition that made us all happy, and this cake is it,” Nigella said.

“Tradition is a glorious thing at this time of year, but I’m all for embracing new Christmas rituals of our own.”

Do you think Christmas cake is on the way out?

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