Nigella Lawson is going viral for the bizarre way she pronounces "microwave"

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Thursday, 10 December 2020, 9:13AM

She's known for her impeccably posh British accent, luxurious desserts and decadent main courses, but celebrity chef Nigella Lawson is currently going viral around the world and it all comes down to the word "microwave."

In the latest episode of her BBC2 cooking show Cook, Eat, Repeat, the 60-year-old baffled fans with her bizarre pronunciation of the kitchen appliance.

In the clip, the domestic goddess is whipping up brown butter colcannon - veg filled mash potato - when she picks up a cup of warm milk to add a bit of fat to the dish.

She informs viewers that she's warmed it up in the microwave, but pronounces it as "meecro-wah-vey."

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After the footage received over 3.4million views, Lawson offered an explanation for the unusual intonation, saying she knows that's not how it's really said but it's a "camp joke that's become habit."

Nigella's rep also shared a statement on her pronunciation, saying: "In a nutshell, it's how Nigella refers to the microwave at home.

"It's a bit of a family joke."

Too funny!

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