Nigella Lawson shares her simple life hack for the perfect poached egg

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Monday, 18 January 2021, 3:43PM

How to poach an egg is one of life's little tricks which can be hard to get right.

But celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has just shared her personal technique to make the perfect poached eggs - and she makes it sounds super simple!

Taking to Instagram, the 60-year-old posted a picture of her kale, chorizo and egg dish along with the revelation she was "fearful" of cooking poached eggs until she discovered this method.

Captioning the photo, she wrote: "#RecipeOfTheDay is an old favourite from How To Eat: Kale with Chorizo and Poached Egg. And if you’re not confident of poaching eggs - and I was fearful for a very long time - the method as explained in the intro will free you from fear!"

"Crack a large cold egg into a cup, add a teaspoon of lemon juice (or ½ teaspoon of cider vinegar or white wine vinegar) over the white; bring water to a delicate bubble (not boiling or anywhere near) and then slip in the egg, leaving behind the watery white that has collected in the bottom of the cup."

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The domestic goddess then tells us to leave the water on low or switch off and then cook the egg for roughly five minutes.

If you prefer a runny yolk, she suggests checking the egg at four minutes, then remove it gently with a spoon.

And it's as simple as that!

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