Passenger and Ed Sheeran celebrate 10 years of "Let Her Go" with heartwarming duet

Publish Date
Tuesday, 21 November 2023, 2:26PM

Talk about music to our ears!

Mike Rosenberg, better known as Passenger, has teamed up with Ed Sheeran for a duet of Let Her Go.

Passenger has just finished rerecording his hit 2012 album, All The Little Lights, to mark the ten-year anniversary. 

As part of that process, Passenger invited his longtime friend and tour mate, Ed Sheeran, to join him on Let It Go - and they've created the most beautiful duet! 

Watch their duet above!

The original single was a chart-topping sensation that resonated across the globe and still holds a special place in Passenger's heart - describing it as "truly life-altering."

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Throwback to the time Passenger joined Toni, Jase & Sam on the show last year and sang it live! Have a watch below.

During a regional tour of Australia in 2011, he shared the journey of creating Let It Go.

“Where do I begin… it’s a truly life-altering song. Four minutes of music that shifted my trajectory entirely. It’s so big that I think of my career in two sections - before and after Let Her Go. People often ask me if I knew I’d written a hit straight away after writing it.

"The honest truth is I didn’t. I’d written so many songs up until that point that I had been excited by, but nothing had ever come of them, so by this stage, I had genuinely stopped thinking in those terms.

"I vividly remember writing it. It was early 2011, and I was out on a regional tour of Australia playing tiny rooms to a handful of people each night. I remember walking into a venue dressing room, picking up my guitar and playing the opening riff like I’d written it years ago, like I’d played it before.

"Like it had always been there. I don’t think I’ve had many other moments like that. A massive part of the song's success is down to Ed Sheeran. If he hadn’t have taken me around the world as his opening act in the year leading up to the song blowing up, then it simply wouldn’t have happened.

"I owe him an awful lot - he has championed me and opened doors that were securely locked. He’s an incredibly kind and thoughtful person that somehow finds time and energy to lift others up around him even though he carries the world on his shoulders. He’s a constant inspiration and a fierce friend.

"So, when it came to rerecording this song, there was only ever going to be one person that I’d want to duet on it. I’m sure some people will see this collaboration and assume that it’s for commercial opportunity and of course they’re right - it’s no bad thing to have one of the biggest stars in the world sing on one of my songs!!"

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