Paul McCartney performs 'Let It Be' with the Eagles in tribute to late Jimmy Buffett

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Wednesday, 17 April 2024, 10:31AM
Photo / YouTube, NZ Herald

Photo / YouTube, NZ Herald

It's taken a few months to put together a tribute concert worthy of Jimmy's legacy, but on the 11th of April at the Hollywood Bowl, it was a star-studded farewell to a music legend.

The beloved Margaritaville singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett died on September 1, 2023, at the age of 76 after a four-year battle with skin cancer.

The Hawaiian shirt-donning, ever-smiling musician was celebrated not just for his music but also for his infectious positivity.

'Keep the Party Going: A Tribute to Jimmy Buffett' featured lots of the late musician's friends, with Sir Paul McCartney, the Eagles, Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, Sheryl Crow, Brandi Carlile, Snoop Dogg, Angelique Kidjo, Zac Brown, and Jon Bon Jovi all performing alongside Jimmy's band The Coral Reefer Band.

Paul and the Eagles teamed up for a heartfelt rendition of The Beatles' classic Let It Be.

After being introduced to the stage by Dave Grohl, Paul spoke about his friendship with Jimmy, telling the crowd: "I had the great pleasure of knowing Jimmy, and like everyone else on the bill tonight has said, this is one great man."

"He was generous, he was funny, he'd done just about everything in his life. I was on holiday with him and I forgot to bring my guitar, so he had his own guitar strung left-handed for me."

"And then the next time I saw him he’d had one custom-made left-handed for me," he added before taking to the piano to play his timeless song.

The Eagles performed a mini-set on the night, playing Take It to the Limit, In the City, and Don Henley's solo song The Boys of Summer.

They performed with Paul before he led a tribute to Jimmy with a margarita in hand for the finale of Margaritaville.

One of the most touching tributes of the night came from country musician Eric Church, who shared one of Jimmy's finest quotes.

"Jimmy enjoyed living life more than any person enjoyed living life," Eric told the audience, made up of Parrotheads, the nickname for Jimmy's fanbase.

"I can remember we were hiking one day and we were heading up this vista and we started talking about music and songwriting and our careers and his life and my life, and death."

"And, 'You know, Eric,' [Jimmy] said, 'Guys like us, we don't really die.' He said, 'because the songs live forever'."

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