Pentatonix have released a brand new Christmas album and we're loving it

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Monday, 20 November 2023, 10:39AM

We all know that when it comes to cover songs, Pentatonix is king.

But the three-time Grammy Award-winning group have released some brand new original Christmas song - and we are loving them!

With Christmas just over a month away, the quintet recently released a beautiful new album titled 'The Greatest Christmas Hits' which features eight brand-new songs as well as Christmas classics.

The iconic acappella group have been blessing us with Christmas music for years, releasing their first Christmas album in 2014, and this new album will mark their seventh-holiday album.

"We took all the classics, all the super big ones, and we were just planning on adding a couple more songs and then we ended up adding eight! That's very Pentatonix fashion. It really is the greatest hits of everything we've done in the past couple of years," Kirstin Maldonado said.

Scott Hoying added, “We love to make Christmas albums, so we just ended up making eight new songs, and honestly, I feel like these eight new songs are some of our best ever. I feel like we’re in a really inspired place, and those mixed with like ‘Hallelujah,’ ‘Mary Did You Know,’ all those, it just like turned into an album that we’re really, really proud of.”

Album cover of Pentatonix's latest album 'The Greatest Christmas Hits'

The Greatest Christmas Hits is out now.

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