Princess Kate’s go-to breakfast and why we should consider the healthy meal too

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Friday, 4 August 2023, 11:44AM
The Princess of Wales reportedly eats the same thing for breakfast every single day. Photo / AP via NZ Herald

The Princess of Wales reportedly eats the same thing for breakfast every single day. Photo / AP via NZ Herald

You would be lying if you said you hadn’t wondered what the royals eat from day to day, particularly the stunning Kate Middleton.

Now, it has been revealed how the Princess of Wales likes to kickstart her day - and it rarely ever changes.

Kate reportedly has a routine breakfast ritual: downing a bowl of oats alongside a green juice.

This has us asking the question: Should we be following suit when it comes to the most important meal of the day?

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Why are oats a superfood?

Nutritionally, oats are frequently mentioned on superfood lists for various reasons.

Nutritionally, oats frequent superfood lists for a number of reasons. Photo / Getty Images

First of all, they are a whole food and are therefore minimally processed. Being a wholegrain, they offer high levels of a number of essential nutrients, particularly B group vitamins such as zinc, magnesium and selenium.

Additionally, oats are naturally high in dietary fibre, specifically the soluble fibre beta glucan. This is a type of fibre that helps to naturally keep the cholesterol levels stable, assists with insulin action and is a key factor in supporting the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Oats also seem to have a positive effect on blood pressure, thanks to avenanthramides: a group of antioxidants that help produce more nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide helps to dilate the blood vessels, aiding blood flow.

They provide a perfect nutrient balance

Oats not only contain an assortment of key nutrients but also have a variety of good-quality proteins and carbohydrates alongside dietary fibre.

Oats are one of the breakfast meals likely to keep you going until lunchtime. Photo / Getty Images

A bowl of oats offers a unique breakfast-time balance that not only acts as a source of fuel for the muscles, but also assists muscle growth restoration and satiety support via its protein content.

They are one of the most filling foods you can eat

When rating foods according to their “fullness factor” or how long you stay full and satisfied after eating, oats are one of the highest-ranked foods.

Due to their fairly high protein and dietary fibre content, particularly when eaten with protein-rich milk or yoghurt, oats are one of the breakfast meals likely to keep you fueled throughout your day.

With reports that Kate routinely downs a bowl of oats along with green juice every day, should all of us be including a bowl of oats to kick start our day? Photo / AP

What’s more, starting your day with a bowl of oats is more likely to prevent you from snacking mid-morning on high-calorie foods such as pastries or morning tea treats, helping with calorie control.

They are cost-effective

With the cost of living going up and food prices soaring through the roof, oats are one of the cheaper breakfast foods, with a large bag costing as little as $3.

This makes oats a super cheap, nutrient-rich breakfast option.

Which variety is best?

From quick cook to steel cut to instant, there are various types of oats that you can find at your local grocery store and all are relatively good health-wise.

However, whole traditional oats or steel cut are a little bit better when it comes to nutritional content, as they contain a lower GI, which helps control glucose levels and appetite.

What about adding sugar?

The only factor that we might overlook is the downside of eating oats for breakfast every day without a little bit of sugar for taste.

Adding sugar to your porridge naturally increases the calorie load and glycemic index of the breakfast food. However, mixing in some fresh fruit or a low-sugar, flavoured yoghurt is no problem.

Do I need a green juice?

Of course, the other key ingredient that Kate starts her day with is a glass of green juice. While oats are a super nutritionally-packed breakfast option, so is a good serving of greens before 8am.

Your nutrition is only likely to benefit if you add some more greens to your brekky. Photo / Getty Images

With very few Kiwis getting their suggested five a day when it comes to veggies, let alone a serving of nutrient-rich greens, your nutrition is only likely to benefit from adding some more greens to your brekky.

Surely, with a serving of greens and oats a day, we’ll start showing that signature royal glow regularly donned by Princess Kate.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission

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