REVEALED: Auckland's filthiest restaurants and eateries

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Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 11:59AM

Cockroach-ridden floors, "critical cleaning risk" and pest infestations - these are all some of the filthy finds at Auckland eateries this year.

Auckland Council officers have identified 18 food joints marked as needing improvements because of poor food handling practices, pest control issues and unsatisfactory cleaning, among other issues.

Many of the eateries have since fixed their problems and been reissued with new grades.

In inspections between March and May, officials gave seven places around the city an E grade, which deemed them to be a "critical risk", and to close until issues were fixed.

These were Ghazal Indian Cuisine in Glen Eden, The Café Helensville, Sui Yuan in Mt Albert, Dosa Plaza Metro City, Baab Korean Restaurant in Auckland Central, Dosa Plaza Mt Roskill, and India Bar and Restaurant in Ellerslie.

Another 11 food establishments received a D grade. Those could stay open for business while they addressed the reason for the poor rating and would be inspected again within two months of the grading.

This year's number of poor grades appeared to show a marked difference from last year, when between January and May, a total of 28 places around the city received an E grade, and 42 a D.

E grade (Inspected between March - May, up to date May 24):

  • Ghazal Indian Cuisine, Glen Eden, inspected 19/03/2019: Critical risk cleaning, restricted water supply
  • The Café Helensville, inspected 24/04/2019 : Critical risk defective drainage
  • Sui Yuan, Mt Albert, inspected 26/04/2019: Critical risk cleaning
  • Dosa Plaza Metro City, inspected 30/04/2019: Critical risk cleaning, pest infestation. Since awarded A grade after dealing with issues.
  • Baab Korean Restaurant, inspected 6/05/2019: Critical risk cleaning, pest infestation
  • Dosa Plaza, Mt Roskill, inspected 8/05/2019 (new grading pending): Critical risk cleaning
  • India Bar and Restaurant, Ellerslie, inspected 9/05/2019 (new grading pending): Critical risk cleaning, pest infestation

D grades (Inspected between March - May, up to date May 24):

  • The Falls Restaurant and Cafe, Henderson, inspected 16/04/2019: Cleaning issues, allergen management
  • Sushi Factory Japanese Restaurant, Auckland Central, inspected 26/04/2019: Cleaning issues, pest issues
  • The Grill - Wairau Valley, inspected 26/04/2019: Cleaning issues, pest issues
  • Indigo Takeaway, Avondale, inspected 1/05/2019: Cleaning issues
  • Curry Masala, Flatbush, inspected 2/05/2019: Pest issues
  • Feriza's, Auckland Central, inspected 2/05/2019: Cleaning issues, pest issues. Since restored to A grade on May 31.
  • Matsu Sushi, Auckland Central, inspected 6/05/2019: Cleaning issues, pest issues
  • Homecooked, Wairau Valley, inspected 10/05/2019: Cleaning issues
  • Rabbit Café, Eden Terrace, inspected 10/05/2019: Not following plan, temperature control
  • Tai Ping Supermarket - Pakuranga, inspected 16/05/2019: Labelling issues
  • Yu Linh Long Factory / Mr. Big Pan, Panmure, inspected 20/05/2019: Cleaning issues

Information provided by Auckland Council on May 24.


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