Sandra Bullock reveals she'll be taking a step back from acting to focus on raising her family

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Wednesday, 16 March 2022, 10:12AM

Much to the disappointment of her fans, Sandra Bullock has revealed she will be taking a step back from acting.

The 57-year-old actress told an audience at a Q&A for her upcoming film The Lost City that she plans to now focus on raising her two children: Louis, 11, and Laila, eight.

"I am just going to take some time to be a mum,' the Blind Side actress said at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

The Oscar winner added: "I would love to [continue acting] when I'm done being a mum.

"I'll get back to it. I don't know when. Probably when they're teenagers, solidly 16- or 17-year-olds."

She went on to explain that at the moment, she needed to be "in the place that makes me happiest."

Bullock shares parenting duties with her longtime boyfriend Bryan Randall.

She met the 55-year-old - who she went public with in 2015 - when she hired him as a photographer to take pictures at her son's birthday.

They now share both her children and his daughter from a previous relationship.

Referencing her painful divorce from Jesse James in 2010, Sandra added that she was "so glad the universe had me wait" to start a family of her own.

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