Sir Rod Stewart has shared rare picture with 'carbon copy' son

Publish Date
Thursday, 4 April 2024, 2:27PM

Sir Rod Stewart's fans have been stunned by how much his youngest son looks like him after Rod posted a new pic to Instagram.

Rod took to social media to share his pride as he watched Liam win England's National Ice Hockey League Cup, with his team Milton Keynes Lightning.

He put a picture on Instagram of himself with Liam, who is 29, and his two younger boys, Alistair, who is 18, and Aiden, who is 13.

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Fans instantly noticed that Rod and his youngest son Aiden look so alike, with one fan commenting, "Wow your youngest looks just like you!!!" and another said, "Aiden is a carbon copy of you Rod and all so incredibly handsome like their Dad".

A third commented, "Aiden is a spitting image of the man. You wear it well sir!".

Rod captioned his snap, "Proud as a Father could possibly be, congratulations," and mentioned Liam and his team.

Liam is Rod's son with his second wife Rachel Hunter. They also have a daughter named Renee, who is 31. Rod has two other sons, Alistair and Aiden, with his wife, Penny Lancaster.

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