The Bee Gees biopic is on its way, but we are still left with many unanswered questions

Publish Date
Tuesday, 27 February 2024, 12:28PM

With the latest wave of high-profile musician biopics, the Bee Gees is one we are eagerly awaiting! After the success of Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman and Elvis, it's only fitting that one of the biggest-selling groups of all time get their own biopic film too. There isn't much information about the cast, plot, soundtrack or even a title, as the film is still in its early stages.

As much as casting choices, Bradley Cooper has been rumoured to play Barry Gibb, but no other casting decisions have been mentioned. Some questions are circulating if the actors voices will be used to sing like Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line, or have their voice intertwined with the musicians like Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody. Although Bradley Cooper proved his singing abilities in the 2018 movie A Star Is Born, the Bee Gees unmistakeable trademark was their falsetto which may not be easily replicated. 

During the marketing of Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek who played Freddie Mercury said "What I quickly realised was no one can sing like Freddie Mercury, and nor can I. It’s very difficult to get my voice up to those high notes, and at some point, my voice breaks. And it breaks pretty quickly when I’m trying to ascend what Freddie Mercury can do". Perhaps this advice should be taken on board for this biopic too. 

In 2020 the documentary film The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart followed the life and career of the Bee Gees. The documentary included interviews with Barry Gibb as well as archival interview material of his late brothers and band members, Maurice and Robin Gibb. 

It's not yet stated what songs the biopic will feature, but hopefully it will include our most loved Bee Gees songs from our Top 100 Disco Hits!

Although the information surrounding this film is currently light, it still is something to get excited about. The Bee Gees dominated the 70s music scene with over 20 albums and having sold over 220 million records worldwide. This film is intended to shine a spotlight on their extraordinary careers and telling the amazing story of disco legends, the Bee Gees.


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