The Chase contestant reveals behind-the-scenes secrets about the game show following win

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Monday, 17 June 2019, 1:56PM

A contestant on The Chase has revealed how the wildly popular quiz show is run behind the scenes - after walking away with £6500 (NZ$12,400).

Recently, Dorinda Balchin took part in the show and spoke to UK publication about her win, including whether or not the contestants are really in the dark as to which Chaser they will face.

She said: "I don't know if all of the Chasers are backstage, but there's certainly at least three backstage, they do three episodes a day.

"Bradley [host Bradley Walsh] doesn't know which one is coming out at a time, they keep him in a separate place. Nobody knows who's coming out except for the director of the programme."

She confirmed that the teammates truly all start out as strangers but she did say, however, that contestants do get to request a particular Chaser to go up against - you just might not get what you ask for.

"You arrive at the studio and you're told 'this is your team and when you go into the studio a Chaser will come down'. You just don't know who it is.

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"They do ask you who you would like, but I just think that's a nice little bit of banter and see your reaction when someone comes out; if it's who you wanted or if you said 'I don't want to face…' and they come out."

Dorinda also revealed who she thought the best Chaser was.

"I would probably say Mark [Labbett] (The Beast) is the best. I think statistically he is very, very good. I think Jenny [Ryan] (The Vixen) is also very good statistically. So yes, I think those two are very strong.

"I faced Jenny and it was nerve-racking. Actually, when you see on TV that board in front of you and you're looking up at the Chaser there's a bit of distance between you so it's not quite as intimidating as I thought it might be."

The Chase screens Monday-Saturday at 4.55pm on TVNZ1.


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