The Chase's Anne Hegerty hilariously hits out at fan who declared they're "boycotting" the show

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Thursday, 17 October 2019, 10:28AM

The Chase's Anne Hegerty has proven time after time that she isn't afraid of internet trolls ... and she has proven it yet again with a hilarious dig a fan who declared on social media they would be "boycotting" the show.

Taking to Twitter, the viewer branded the popular game show "pathetic" because they believed Bradley Walsh purposely "slowed" contestants' questions down in the final round of the quiz show.

The former fan fumed: "The Chase needs taking off ITV. Bradley Walsh slows the contestants questions in the final chase is so pathetic."

Later adding: "I started a boycott. We are all going down to the ITV studios to get it taken off air the show is a fix."

After spotting the viewer's rant, Anne - who goes by the nickname "The Governess" - was quick to reply with a cheeky jab.

"Good luck with that. Which ITV studios are you planning on going to?" the much-loved Chaser questioned. 

The person in question replied: "Do I not get an A, B, C or D option?"

To which the quizmaster quickly fired back: "Presumably you're going to march on the ITV studios where it's actually filmed, right? Not much point in a protest march going to the wrong place. So I just wondered if you knew where it was."

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But the Twitter user was not letting up, responding with: "You have not given me an A B C or D option. Come on play the game."

However, the response did not fail to deter the 61-year-old brainiac from responding, as she suggested the social media user had "confused" The Chase with the quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, which has four possible answers, unlike The Chase which has three.

Anne stated: "If you're wanting a D option, I think you're getting confused with Millionaire."

Go Anne!