The Crown season six is facing last minute rewrites

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Tuesday, 11 April 2023, 1:43PM
Photo / Netflix

Photo / Netflix

The Crown writers have had to change the script for season six after it was revealed that Gillian Anderson will not be returning.

The 54-year-old actress previously played former prime minister Margaret Thatcher on the show but after scheduling conflicts prevented her from reprising the role, The Crown’s writers had to hastily rewrite some of the scripts.

As ever with the series, clever scripting will mean we viewers will be none the wiser.

”It’s been another blow for producers in what’s already been a fairly dogged production.”

Anderson’s portrayal of Thatcher in season four won her an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

Gillian has previously insisted that The Crown made the royal family “more internationally loved, celebrated and understood”.

She told Total Film magazine: “It’s a drama. There’s a lot of researchers involved and a lot of people checking and double-checking and triple-checking.

”There’s a lot that has not been written about that could be written about.

”And if you knew the difference in those, you’d see there is a great deal of kindness and restraint.

”And I think at the end of the day, there are incredibly compassionate and well-rounded takes on human beings.

”And what you’re left with is properly, maturely drawn, complex characters. And there’s a lot that’s in there that one has to say; if you didn’t do it, we wouldn’t be writing about it.

”I think the whole family is more internationally loved, celebrated and understood in a way that they wouldn’t be were it not for the show.”

Season Six is expected to air in November or December of 2023.

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