These two kiwi favourite Tip Top flavours are finally returning to our freezers, just in time for summer

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Monday, 16 October 2023, 9:39PM
Photo / Instagram @TipTopNZ

Photo / Instagram @TipTopNZ

Back in October last year New Zealand was outraged when two of our most beloved ice cream flavours - Cookies & Cream and Goody Goody Gumdrops - were discontinued but Tip Top have just announced their return!

Just in time for summer, the two flavours will be back on our shelves from today - just in time for summer.

The two-litre tubs were discontinued last year due to the rising costs of milk and cream, however, you were still able to purchase the flavours by the scoop in stores. 

"Tip Top's ice cream is always made with the best quality ingredients, including fresh milk and cream, and unfortunately, due to significant cost pressures relating to these two items, we could not continue these two flavours in the 2L format without sacrificing the quality of our ice cream," Tip Top director Ben Schurr said at the time.

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There have been some changes to the Goody Goody Gumdrops recipe, the gum drop's will be slightly smaller than we may remember them in order to help "solve some major consumer complaints" around "not having enough gum drops in every scoop" said Schurr to 1 News.

"We moved to a slightly smaller gum drop that meant that we could put more in a tub, which means that every single scoop you get, you move from, say, five to six previously, you've moved to about nine to 10," he said.

"It reduces the stress at the family table when you're each taking your scoop, and we also, through that, we found a gum drop that's a bit softer and the size helps in terms of not attaching to people's teeth so much or requiring so much jaw strength."

The two flavours will be coming back - not in the classic blue tub, but as part of the Crave range, which also includes Gold Rush Riot, Dairy Free Chocolate Honeycomb, '90s classic Dessertalicious, Peanut Butter Cup and their collaboration with Cookie Time - Cookie Caramel Crush.

We can't wait to try these again!

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