Toni shares another warning about fake weight loss ad scams

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Tuesday, 13 June 2023, 1:36PM

Toni is warning people yet again not to fall for a gummy weight loss ad that is being promoted using fake, edited images of her.

Taking to Instagram this morning she shared two images of sponsored advertisements she has seen on Instagram, warning fans they are fake.

“Please do not give these people your money,” she said adding, “I would never promote weight loss gummies.”

She also pointed out the name of the accounts - one being Abdallah Hossam and the other, Cantanes Juan y Fidelina - writing, “Look at the name of the people trying to sell these to you, that’s the giveaway!”

This is not the first time her image has been used by scammers without her permission. She was also targeted in April.

“They’ve stolen, uplifted images, video that I’ve done over many, many years and they’ve doctored my voice into a very unusual English accent that sounds nothing like my own voice and they’ve obviously enhanced a couple of photos to make me look a lot bigger than what I am to show that I’ve lost weight.

“It’s absolutely nothing to do with me.

“I think I’m pretty clear on my Instagram, I’m all about body positivity. I would never be flogging anything that was some sort of quick fix for weight loss.”

The advertisement shared around in April featured three doctored images of Toni, claiming to be taken three weeks apart. A badly lipsynced advertisement with a distinct British accent praises the keto gummies and includes a claim that Toni recommends them.

“My initial reaction was ‘How dare they use my image that way’.

“I like to be an authentic person on Instagram and to think that some people are getting sucked in thinking I’m flogging off a weight loss miracle gummy bear, it makes me extremely angry and I hate that they get away with this and there seems to be no recourse.”

If you spot a scam account or are contacted by one you can report the account to Meta (Facebook and Instagram). 

A key red flag to look out for is a request by scammers to provide your card details. Legitimate organisations will never ask for this information from you.

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