TVNZ Breakfast hosts Matty McLean and Chris Chang caught in hilarious outfit faux pas: ‘What are you doing?’

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Thursday, 5 October 2023, 3:20PM
Breakfast hosts Matty McLean and Chris Chang wore almost the same outfit on today's show. Photo / Instagram

Breakfast hosts Matty McLean and Chris Chang wore almost the same outfit on today's show. Photo / Instagram

It was an entertaining morning for TVNZ’s Breakfast viewers after two hosts had a hilarious outfit faux pas.

As soon as the show went on air eyes were drawn towards hosts Matty McLean and Chris Chang who were wearing almost the exact same outfit.

Each wearing a grey suit and maroon shirt, the two men further played on their twinning look and introduced the show in synchronicity, “Morena, this is Breakfast, Thursday the fifth of October.”

Earning some laughs from co-hosts Jenny-May Clarkson and Anna Burns-Francis, McLean turned to his pal asking, “what are you doing?” while Chang replied, “love that colour scheme on you. Very nice, very nice indeed.”

Asking the men why they hadn’t checked outfits with each other, Clarkson giggled as McLean explained, “we wear what is put out for us, if the bosses want us to dress the same...” with Chang finishing the sentence joking, “We’re dutiful soldiers, we follow instructions and we do as we’re told”.

Burns-Francis asked her co-hosts if they would twin it all show with the pair confirming “absolutely” and said they wouldn’t be changing, “why not?” McLean nonchalantly said before joking they would let the audience decide who wore it best: “dangerous”, he said.

The pair later shared their coordinating outfits on Instagram with many fans taking to the comment section to share their thoughts. One person said: “I’m glad Chris buttoned up his suit so I could tell you apart!” while another said, “You both looked gorgeous”.

Elsewhere, fans began sharing who they thought wore it best but it seems there was no clear winner.

This isn’t the first time Kiwi TV has provided viewers with a giggle. The Project’s Kanoa Lloyd and rival show, Seven Sharp’s Hilary Barry were spotted wearing the exact same top on the exact same night in April.

It was none other than Marcus Lush who took to Facebook to point out the coincidence.

Kanoa Lloyd, left, and Hilary Barry have also had a twins moment. Photo / Facebook

Appearing to refer to a call he received on his ZB night show, Lush wrote, “Just checked on Joan’s call that Hilary and Lloyd had matching outfits tonight - and she’s 100 per cent right.”

The post received hundreds of likes and comments with one person commenting, “They both rocked it… looking good ladies!”, while another said, “Gorgeous! They both look fab.”

The wild wardrobe antics continued that same evening with Seven Sharp’s Jeremy Wells leaving fans in hysterics.

Subtly calling out those who previously scrutinised his co-host Barry for her shoulder-baring tops, for most of the episode, Wells wore a suit and tie, however in the final two minutes he changed things up.

Jeremy Wells took a top out of Hilary Barry's wardrobe on an April episode of Seven Sharp. Photo / TVNZ

Wearing a patterned off-the-shoulder top that he appeared to have plucked from the wardrobe of his co-host, he seemed to make a dig towards those who have criticised Barry in the past.

As his co-host fiddled with the sleeve, telling Wells, “I think it looks quite nice”, he replied: “Oh thanks, wonder what Barbara will say”.

As the two signed off from the show, Wells could be seen having a little shoulder shimmy in the top, appearing quite comfortable - who doesn’t love a secure man?


This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission. 

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