TVNZ Breakfast's Hayley Holt announces she's pregnant!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 22 January 2020, 9:09AM

TVNZ Breakfast host Hayley Holt is expecting her first child!

The 39-year-old announced the exciting news live on the show this morning after a viewer speculated that she may be pregnant.

She said: "On Monday we had a message from Terry saying, 'hi team, happy New year. I've just tuned in and I'm wondering if I've missed a special announcement. Is Hayley pregnant? Or is it just today's outfit? Her bust and belly look quite full.'

"Now Terry, I am terribly offended," she responded as a joke.

"I'd get angry and I'd send someone over to see you if, in fact, it wasn't true.

"Because yes Terry, I am pregnant," she confirmed.

"I've finally told everybody, which is so awkward.

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"I'm so happy because I wanted this for a very, very, very long time and I thought my time was running out and it hasn't."

Breakfast's official Twitter account congratulated the host, sharing a sweet picture of the mum-to-be proudly showing off her growing baby bump.

"Hayley's hapū! Please join us in congratulating Hayley who's expecting her first child later this year #BreakfastBaby," they captioned the post.

Fellow Breakfast hosts John Campbell, Matty McLean and Jenny-May Clarkson also congratulated Holt on the news.