We Need To Talk the evolution of eyebrow trends - from thin to fluffy with Shari Hurley

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Thursday, 28 March 2024, 2:11PM

Get ready to learn all about "these wee slugs on our face" in the latest episode of We Need To Talk.

From the thin, plucked brows of the '90s to today's bold and fluffy trends, eyebrows have seen it all.

Toni sat down with brow specialist Shari Hurley to explore the evolution of eyebrow aesthetics. Together, they unpack the rise of feathering, chat about the nuances of lamination, and explore micropigmentation.

Reflecting on her own experience, Toni shared, "I took the plunge and I got my eyebrows feathered and I don't think I've ever had such great feedback on anything I've ever done before."

Shari explains the origins of feathering, saying, "You've gone from where you see your old nan's that have those vivid looking tattooing which terrified a lot of people. That's been happening for decades. You used to use actual tattoo inks, which is why they would stay around and look so solid."

"So transitioning from that where people wanted more of an everyday option to make things easier, Feathering got really popular and what that is done is manual strokes that are used to replicate hair."

Micro-pigmentation is now the preferred method for achieving soft, natural-looking brows. It can be done with a machine like a traditional tattoo but you can control the softness.

Shari likens it to a spray paint tin, "You can either do it really soft and light and mist it or you can do it really defined... And that's the difference between like an ombre and a powder is the same technique, but it's how much color you're putting in the skin and where you're putting it."

But before you jump into getting your brows tattooed you will need to consider factors such as your skin texture, hair growth patterns and the outcome you're after.

"So if you have a bit more thick, oily, porous [skin], those strokes will blur out over time and you wind up what looks more like an ombré or machine brow. So you may as well do that from the start."

Shari's main advice is to, "Do your research first... and remember, less is more." Emphasising the importance of finding the right eyebrow shape, "Mother Nature gets things right 99% of the time... Everyone's different."

So, whether you're a die-hard brow enthusiast or just curious about the latest beauty trends, this episode has something for you.

Tune in to the beauty series of We Need to Talk for all the eyebrow insights you never knew you needed! New episodes are out every other Monday.

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