Wendy Petrie's hilarious moves to entertain viewers during failed live cross on Breakfast

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Wednesday, 17 August 2022, 10:52AM

Our favourite dancing queen is back ... well kind of!

No matter how slick an operation, every now and then live television succumbs to an unforeseen issue that leaves presenters grinning into the camera for much longer than anyone is comfortable with.

But TVNZ's Wendy Petrie knows exactly how to keep viewers entertained, with something much more lively than a staid smile.

The veteran broadcaster found herself stuck in a failed live cross on Breakfast this week, as she told viewers: "And here is your business market update for the morning."

While an upbeat track began to play, the camera remained on Petrie instead of the planned graphics appearing on screen.

With the camera remaining firmly fixed on her, Petrie wiggled her shoulders, bopped her head and employed a classic dance move not often seen on a live television news show: jazz hands.

As she shimmied splayed fingers and shrugged her shoulders, laughter filtered in from off-camera.

Petrie asked of the missing graphic: "See it? See it? Bitcoin. Dollars," and told viewers, "I really wish I could give you a market update. But I really - it's not my forte.

"That's it. So that's the advice today from business market analysts."

Too funny!

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