Whitney Houston's EPIC dance cover of Steve Winwood’s 'Higher Love' has just been released!

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Tuesday, 2 July 2019, 11:14AM

If you happen to listen to the top 40 music charts over the next few months, you may hear a voice you haven't heard in a while ...

Whitney Houston is back, thanks to her dance cover of Steve Winwood’s 1986 hit 'Higher Love'.

That's right, seven years after her death, Houston will be back on our airwaves after the singer’s estate revived the cover with the help of DJ-producer Kygo.

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Speaking about the cover - which was previously only released in Japan as a bonus track on her 1990 album, I'm Your Baby Tonight - Kygo said he was "honoured" to have opportunity to work with the 'I Will Always Love You' hitmaker.

"I was honoured when the Whitney Houston estate reached out and presented me with the opportunity to work with one of the greatest female vocalists of all time," Kygo said. "I reworked the song from scratch and am really happy with how it turned out."

"I was trying to make it sound like something that she would’ve done, but also something that’s my style."

Houston died in 2012 at the age of 48.