Whittaker’s chocolate has received a low ranking on Tasting Table survey

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Monday, 15 January 2024, 2:42PM

Whittaker’s Chocolate is one of the great success stories of New Zealand food, a local brand that has triumphed over international competition to win the hearts of Kiwis.

It has become beloved by consumers here for its quality and innovation and has exploded far beyond the humble peanut slab.

However, it seems its renown in Aotearoa does not necessarily translate overseas.

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US food site Tasting Table ranked 25 chocolate brands from around the globe... and placed our Whittaker’s in a lowly 24th place.

They were beaten by Nestlé, they were beaten by Cadbury... they were even beaten by Hershey’s.

“Heshey’s is number three? Hershey’s can get in the bin,” one outraged Kiwi said.

Tasting Table attempted to explain their low rating by pointing the finger at the price of Whittaker’s for chocolate lovers outside of NZ and Australia.

“Like most things, though, high-quality chocolate does not come cheap. Whittaker’s is known for being a high-end candy brand, one that’s often imported — another reason why it costs more to purchase,” they noted, adding that “the taste is worth the price if you can swing it”.

“The only reason Whittaker’s landed lower on our list is due to the price to ship for consumers outside of Australia or New Zealand,” they said.

Despite their explanation, the low ranking did not go down well with Kiwis, with many saying it should have been much higher.

“This insult can not stand! Time to declare war on the USA!” another enthusiastic fan wrote online

“All you need to know about North Americans,” one quipped.

Tasting Table’s full rankings:

1. Lake Champlain Chocolates

2. Raaka Chocolate

3. Hu Kitchen

4. La Maison du Chocolat

5. Ghirardelli

6. Theo Chocolate

7. Lindt

8. Godiva

9. Tony’s Chocolonely

10. Hershey’s

11. Toblerone

12. Jacques Genin

13. Milka

14. Guylian

15. Mars

16. Kinder

17. Scharffen Berger

18. Duc d’O

19. Ritter Sport

20. Cadbury

21. Dove

22. Nestlé

23. Russell Stover

24. Whittaker’s

25. Esthechoc

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.

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