Bernie opens up about the first Tooth Fairy faux pas at her house

Publish Date
Friday, 1 March 2019, 3:32PM

It was only a couple of weeks ago when Jase's household was meant to have their first visit from the tooth fairy, but it was waylaid by a missing tooth.


Bernie has just experienced a Tooth Fairy faux pas for herself, but this time it wasn't a case of a missing tooth, it was a case of a missing Tooth Fairy.

"The tooth got put under the pillow, we double checked, but the tooth fairy was a no-show!" Bernie said.

Bernie explained that she has heard of this happening to plenty of other children around the world, and usually it's just a case of a broken wing.

"We weren't quite sure what had happened, but we received a note this morning from the Tooth Fairy," Bernie revealed. 

"There was a major emergency, and I quote: I got caught in a spider web and I was stuck there all night until a friendly rabbit came along and helped get me loose, but by then it was almost day time and I had to be back in Fairyland by the time the sun came up," Bernie read.

"That's a very very creative Tooth Fairy!" Jase replied.

Bernie went on to explain how the Tooth Fairy returned the next night and left a little more than she usually does as an apology.

Watch the hilarious video above! 

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