Are you team air fryer - or no fryer?

Publish Date
Monday, 12 June 2023, 10:33AM

Sam's just bought an air fryer - and in contrast with Toni, he loves it. Do you? Toni shares the foods we shouldn't eat before bed. We ask, do you have a current CV? Plus - Peter Urlich gives us DJ tips.

00:30 What not to eat before bed

04:40 Do you have a CV?

12:00 Peter Urlich DJ tips

17:10 Toni's lost her diamonds

19:50 Sam's Australia highlights

24:25 Airfryers - yay or nay

27:45 Producer Rosie introduces us to 'bed rotting'

31:00 Bare minimum Monday

37:10 Children found alive after plane crash

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