Jase's red flags have been revealed...

Publish Date
Monday, 20 November 2023, 11:32AM

Toni shares pink flags, have you heard of them? Sam shares his newest purchases which he is very proud of. Plus, 70% of people in the 80s has this product and now only 2% have one. Any ideas what it could be?

00:35 Pink flags 

03:10 Sam's newest purchase

05:45 Only 2% of people still have one of these - what is it?

12:45 We Need To Talk Finances & Investing - Toni's latest episode out now 

15:15 One Roof report released today - Interview with Greg Hornblow (Acting Chief of OneRoof)

18:15 Where are you listening to the radio?

24:15 Stories that Sizzled

28:00 Rosie' Roast 

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