Scandalous Toni and her 90s dress up

Publish Date
Wednesday, 13 September 2023, 10:07AM

Sam tried to convince Toni and Jase they should be getting rid of their lights - why? We chat to Erin Routliffe, Kiwi grand Slam Champion, Plus, we ask what the #1 thing woman do that men can't stand - and ruins the passion? 

00:30 Passion killers - what are they? 

06:00 Interview with Erin Routliffe, Kiwi grand Slam Champion

10:10 Saving $300 a year by removing lights 

13:20 Dress up parties

16:45 What is the most common dream for adults? 

23:35 Judging people's height 

25:50 The RWC venues are running out of what ... 

28:00 Following suggestions

32:40 Interview with Dr Libby

35:45 12-year-old who has just won gold at the AIMS games

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