The world's deadliest animal

Publish Date
Thursday, 8 June 2023, 10:33AM

Toni shares her tips on how to get by on a low day. Jase finds a list of the world's deadliest animals - the top one may surprise you (like us!). Sam finally find his bag. Plus, Toni does a peanut butter taste test! 

00:30 Toni's positive tips

03:30 Sam found his bag

07:00 Blunder bingo

09:30 Toni's peanut butter taste test

13:40 Sam's dressing for the surrounding environment

17:00 Ozempic weight loss 

20:00 The world's deadliest animals

28:00 The new Apple product from the future

35:00 Follow list

38:30 We're gonna be DJs!

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