Toni has a secret, hidden piercing?!

Publish Date
Monday, 31 July 2023, 2:02PM

The new Barbie movie talks about something deeper than a doll with a specific monologue that spoke to a lot of people. Toni shocks Sam and Jase with a secret, hidden piercing. Plus, we dive into our emotions with intuition cards. 

00:30 Toni's 40 things in 40 days before 40

05:05 Barbie movie monologue 

07:50 What to do in Palmerston North 

10:30 Intuition cards 

17:45 A big weekend of sport! 

23:00 Producer Rosie's Roast - Girl Maths 

26:00 Sarah Gregorius speaks on the Footballs Ferns loss

29:15 First Words, First Things 

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