Why was Jase stopped at airport security?

Publish Date
Tuesday, 14 November 2023, 10:47AM

What happened to Jase going through airport security in the US? Toni's heading down to Christchurch for Cup down, she gives a rundown of her outfit for the day. It's also time for Sam's Science Yawn, what does Toni and Jase think? 

00:05 What have you be stopped for at airport security for? 

08:00 Toni is heading down to Christchurch for Cup Day, what is she wearing? 

11:20 Sam's Science Yawn 

15:10 Britney Spears book review

20:30 Are you eating the perfect breakfast?

27:20 Jase's watchlist - 1923

30:30 When do women want men to cry? 

35:10 Hitting the dating apps over 50

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