Coast Breakfast share their Friday journals

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Friday, 2 February 2024, 3:00PM

Every Friday, Toni, Jase and Sam share an excerpt from their journals. 

This week, Toni talks about her 'Cool Runnings' moment at athletics, Jase discusses the battle of kids during school holidays, and Sam talks about his new gym training buddy. 

Take a read of each of the entries below, or watch Jase's in the video above! 


We had our very own ‘Cool Runnings’ moment in our family at athletics this week. My 5 year old boy is new to the sport, but being the third child he’s used to chasing after and racing his sisters so he knows how to run. He was ecstatic after winning the 60 metre dash, big grin, high fives. But cut to the 100 metres and things didn’t go so well for my little boy. At the crack of the starters gun they were away and he was off to a flier. But at the 10 metre mark tragedy struck, just like it did for Yul Brenner and Derece bannock in Cool Runnings – only this time he wasn’t tripped, he’d tripped over his own pudgy little legs.. face plant is probably a more accurate description. Everyone gasped as he hit the deck.. and I waited.. waited for the tears… for the anguished face… but they never came, he got straight back up without checking to see if he needed a plaster and finished the 100 metres. He didn’t win, but I was far more proud of him for this race than I was for the first one.


It's been a looooong school holiday haul for a lot of families lately - ours included - but today is BACK TO SCHOOL DAY for our boys. In fact - our 11yr old starts Intermediate today.
And while they're back with teachers & learning coaches - I've been thinking about the lessons they taught ME during the holidays... because sometimes you need to talk with kids just so you can understand the world again. I love how kids see things with pure, simple positive vibes and sometimes with raw enthusiasm.
Think about childhood, we ran thru sprinklers , we chased Mr Whippy, we rode bikes, we swang so high the poles lifted out of the ground, we ate fruit straight off the tree and drank water out of the hose and maybe most importantly - we weren't buried in our devices. 
That's how a lot of us grew up in NZ and as Waitangi Day rolls round - those are the things I wanna celebrate.

So as my little fullas head back to school today - I want to THANK them for teaching ME to embrace the little moments, make memories and have ice creams at the park and not tell Mum we had ice cream so we still get to have dessert


It’s not that people weren’t listening. It’s just very hard to change people’s behavior. This time it’s taken two years. 

And I know I sound like door knocking missionary spreading the lords good word. I have drilled my nutrition advice and my workout processes into my friends, family and colleges on a daily basis. 

Some say it’s laborious. But I say it’s transformative. My passion, only to spread the knowledge I have acquired. But it’s all changed this week! Cos Toni has seen the heavenly light and signed up to my gym! Weights is the new cardio. Weights give you longevity! Weights are the future! 

So now I have a training buddy! And I can’t wait to get massive together! 


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