Jacinda Ardern reveals which politicians are on Santa's naughty list this year

Publish Date
Friday, 14 December 2018, 4:28PM

If anyone would know who from New Zealand is on Santa's naughty list, it'd be our very own Prime Minister - Jacinda Ardern.

The PM stopped by the studio just this morning to have a chat with Jase and Bernie about her incredible 2018.

After receiving a Christmas gift for Neve with some extra special wrapping from Jase and Bernie, they got into the real gossip of parliament at this time of year. 

"When it comes to Santa's nice and naughty lists, who do you think from parliament would be on his naughty list?" Jase asked.

"The naughty list," Jacinda said, "if it's just based on how many times parliaments referee has called someone out, he does pull up Gerry Bronwnlee quite a bit," she revealed.   

"You could argue that the speaker might be on the naughty list at times," Bernie joked.

"The opposition would definitely claim that," Jacinda replied.


The trio then discusses Jacinda's plans for over Christmas break and look back on the incredible 2018 that Jacinda had.

Watch the full video above! 


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