Jase reveals his tooth fairy predicament

Publish Date
Tuesday, 12 February 2019, 2:09PM

Unfortunately for parents, the tooth fairy's terms and conditions aren't outlined explicitly, so when something unexpected happens with a child's tooth, there isn't a rule book to turn to.

Jase's oldest boy Max lost his first tooth over the weekend, but instead of presenting it to the tooth fairy, he accidentally swallowed it.

This left Jason in a predicament with the tooth fairy, "When the tooth fairy paid a visit to you, when your beautiful daughters had their teeth out, did you do a deal with the tooth fairy to keep the teeth?" he asks Bernie.


While Jason is struggling with the whereabouts of the tooth, and how he's going to get it to the tooth fairy, he also has another issue - how much to give for the tooth?

Max's tooth is the first one that the tooth fairy has had to deal with in the Reeves household, so Jason is genuinely stumped.

He decided to ask Max what he thinks the tooth is worth, and he received a response that left him speechless.

"20 cents and I think, 50 paper money," Max said.

What do you think?


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