Jase shared some great encouragement in his Friday journal

Publish Date
Friday, 23 February 2024, 3:00PM

Every Friday, Toni, Jase and Sam share a piece from their journals. 

Take a read of their entries below, or watch Jase's in the video above: 


Dear journal,

I had an hour of need moment this week - actually it was more like 30 minutes but I was genuinely stuck, out of options and my husband wasn’t an option to help.

Sitting with the yellow light, empty tank of gas, School pick up looming and completely at a loss as to how to wedge my jammed petrol lid off, I was in awe. In awe at the sheer amount of people offering to help me in my time of need - there was the BP service station worker who tried tirelessly to prize the lid open , the lady parked behind me that suggested I might have blown a fuse, my mate Bodiene and his three colleagues who answered my whatsapp message, cut their lunch short and were all putting their 2 cents in and also a random stranger called Lance from Legacy Joinery who ended up being the saviour of the day.. he knew the assignment and he wasn’t giving up until that lid was prized open… and man I was thankful.

It turned what was a super frustrating, niggly problem into quite a funny heart warming moment where my faith in humanity was restored .. still hate filling up with gas though.


Hi journal,

Like most people who have ever had the honour of being a parent - I try my best.
I've read books, taken courses, watched webinars and tried to learn as much as possible but the fact is there's no "rule book" and we all just try and do what we can.
This week tho I feel like my Wife and I have had a really cool little win.

Our eldest son Max - who is 11 - started intermediate this year and last week he got a special award in assembly. Not for academic achievement - not for sporting prowess - for something much better in my humble opinion.

Max has ADHD and this superpower means that sometimes it can be hard for him to work thru some things - but a few days ago he stopped what he was trying to do - so that he could help another student who was really struggling. Max helped this other child understand and achieve something they otherwise might not have.

This comes after our other son Olly got a certificate for kindness a few months ago.
I know not everyone gets recognition or praise or even a handshake for doing the right thing - so if that was YOU who sat in assemblies and watched others get prizes - or if that's you NOW - these days - going about your day just being a good person - I hope you know how amazing you actually are. I hope your coffee tastes extra good or the songs on the radio make you wanna dance or the sunshine warms you up a little more 'cos you deserve all the good things and the world needs more people like you!


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