Jase's reveals his terrifying encounter at Waihi beach over the holidays

Publish Date
Thursday, 31 January 2019, 3:34PM

Both Jase and Bernie's holidays included a lot of sun, sand, and swimming, the only difference was that Jason stayed in the country, whereas Bernie was stateside for most of it.

Something happened during Jase's holiday at the beach that has put him off swimming for the near future, and we don't blame him!

"I was wandering through the water, and stood on something slimy," Jase said, "so I jumped, and I stood on it again!" he added.

"I thought it must be a flounder or some sort of fish, but right by me, and probably the size of three dinner plates, a big black stingray," Jason said.

"Are you kidding me?" Bernie exclaimed.

"You're lucky that he didn't Steve Irwin your feet!" she added.


It sounds like we're lucky to still have you with us Jase! 


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