Jason Reeves and Bernadine Oliver-Kerby take a stress test - take the test for yourself ...

Publish Date
Wednesday, 21 August 2019, 12:51PM

Unfortunately, there aren’t many people in the world who are lucky enough to live a stress-free life.

Everyone has different stress triggers. Maybe it's your job, a family illness, or money troubles.

This week, the image below has been going viral for its accuracy in determining whether or not the person looking at it is stressed. 

So just how does the picture determine whether or not you are stressed?

For most people, the image will look like it is moving, even though it's actually perfectly still.

And the speed at which the image moves shows you how stressed you are.

According to the scientists behind the image, alleged criminals were tested and they saw the image spinning very fast; however, senior citizens and kids saw the picture stand almost still...

Watch Jase and Bernie's reaction to the test above!

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