Jason Reeves opens up about his incredible 23kg weight loss in this week's New Zealand Woman's Weekly

Publish Date
Monday, 22 August 2022, 3:09PM

We couldn't be prouder of Jason Reeves.

Our Feel Good Breakfast host has been featured in this week's edition of the New Zealand Woman's Weekly, opening up about his incredible 23kg weight loss and the motivation behind it.

After sharing his story on-air in hopes of showing others they aren't alone, he's now sharing his story with the publication.

In May last year, the father-of-two was finding himself out of breath when trying to run around with his boys, Max and Ollie, during the school holidays.

"I thought if I don't get myself together, in five years I could be dead. My two boys aren't going to have a dad. And that freaked me out," he told the magazine.

Reeves took drastic action; he changed his diet, started intermittent fasting and sought professional advice from the Edison Clinic.

The changes saw Reeves lose 23kg. But while he's enjoyed watching the number on the scales go down, the most important thing he's gained is a more positive mindset.

Make sure you pick up your copy of the issue, which is out now.

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