Jason Reeves visits the KFC seeking a Michelin star in Alice Springs

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Sunday, 30 June 2019, 12:11AM

Last week, the news dropped that a KFC store in Alice Springs is infamously trying to attain their first Michelin star.

Sam Edelman, who runs the fast food joint, thinks the store deserves to earn a Michelin star, both because of the quality of the food and because of its location.

"We have great food, cook it fresh on the premises ... in theory, we meet the criteria. We are definitely not food snobs," he said.

"In Alice Springs we have a unique position where people literally come from hundreds of kilometres for food, sometimes just for KFC. It puts us in a position where we also meet the criteria of worth a detour that they have."

Michelin Stars are earned by attention rather than a standard application so Edelman hoped giving away free chicken will put the store on the radar of the Michelin star people.

And, coincidentally, we were in Alice Springs during our Ghan Expedition trip from Darwin to Adelaide and popped in to say gidday and meet the legends behind this plan.

Watch the video above of Jase chatting with Garry from KFC Alice Springs!

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