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Friday, 26 January 2024, 3:00PM

Every Friday, Toni, Jase & Sam share their Friday journals. 

So, we thought we'd share them right here for you to read. 



I had the honour of witnessing a NZ first this week. New Zealand’s first fully accessible campervan. To be honest I was surprised we didn’t already have one. You might hear this news and think.. wow that’s cool, but I got to witness, actually see the reaction of those who will be befitting from this camper. Like Sally.

Sally, who I met yesterday, went for a bike ride along the lake in Wanaka, she lost control, fell down a ditch and that was it.. paralysed from the waist down.

I saw her excitement yesterday and what this means for Sally and her family - it means hope for a holiday that ordinarily would have been that much harder.

It means freedom - freedom that as able bodied people we take for granted.

So today I’m in awe of the people that made this happen for all the disabled people like Sally. To Catriona Williams, Darren from Milner Mobility, Chris from ACM Motorhomes - the awesome foursome who donated $100,000 each...

Take a bow.



Well what a start to 2024. I was lucky enough to be with some of my best friends when the clock struck midnight on NYE - and then if I'm honest - my heart's been bruised by two funerals within a week. Both devastating losses and it's been hard to see people close to our family hurting so much. But what re-filled my soul was when my alarm buzzed at 3:30 on Monday morning - 'cos it meant a return to a job I love, with people I love and chatting with our wonderful Coast family of listeners.

Every day I'm reminded just how lucky I am, and this past week has only highlighted that even further. To laugh the way I've laughed, to hear tales from Toni that warm my heart - to hear stories from Sam that make me nervous - and then crack me up - and to read the kind messages our listeners send us - I have to pinch myself that I get to do this.

I know I'm lucky. They say the harder you work, the luckier you get... and I do try to work really hard - but maybe this luck is because I'm wearing my new Bro Bracelet with lucky crystal beads?



I love my kids dearly but these school holidays need to come to an end. All year we have been working on establishing routine. 

Eating habits the flow onto sleeping habits. And now my kids refuse dinner and don’t sleep. And in the 44 weeks of the school holidays all of that is now ruined. 

The world has gone back to work. But there are all our kids still on holiday. And that doesn’t work. I cant do one more sword fight, one more nerf battle, one more beach visit. We have clocked Disney and worn out the slides on every park in Auckland. 

I'm sure I started back at school on the 20 something of January. When did this start in February thing begin?

I'm not angry… but please, have some mercy.


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