Sam Wallace shares hilarious video of his twins swapping names

Publish Date
Monday, 1 May 2023, 10:20AM

Children are adorable, and don't they know it! They often try to use their cuteness to get away with all sorts and Sams's twins, Sienna and Cosette, are no exception.

Taking to Instagram, the father-of-three shared hilarious footage of Sienna and Cosette trying their best to convince him they were the other one.

Alongside the clip, Sam wrote: "The twins games have begun! Didn’t think it started this early but the girls are trying to trick us by using their sisters names. 😂 it’s hard enough to get it right as it is! 🥴 Sienna is now Cosette and Cosette is now Sienna! 😝"

Too funny!

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