Sam's leaving on a jet plane... to Europe!

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Thursday, 27 June 2024, 5:00PM

The day has finally arrived! Sam's jumping on a plane and heading to Europe.

So, he wrote this week's journal all about it.

Take a watch of it above, and read each of Toni, Jase and Sam's below.



Dear Journal,

Isn’t it amazing how something so insignificant can be so annoying when it’s not there, like our printer that suddenly stopped working after precisely two years and one month this week, (yes that’s right, conveniently just outside the 2 year warranty period).

I didn’t even think I needed my printer that much, until it stopped working.. then there was the theatre newsletter, the form for the museum, the form for the bank and I just wanted my damn printer to work.

So, I did what any self respecting person on a Sunday would do – I asked Instagram which was the best printer, drove to Noel Leeming, bought a new one with my True Rewards card, took it home and now the paper won’t load. And before you say why don’t you just print it at work? I have worked at NZME for seven years and have never consistently worked out how to activate the printer. I am firmly at the give up stage.

Thank god I have a person printer called Jason Reeves.



Hi journal,

Even tho it's been a shorter week, I've still found myself learning something every day, and I love it.

I've learned that our two boys needed to wear something sparkly to school for their Matariki celebrations today.

Yesterday, I learned that our two boys didn't HAVE any sparkly things to wear.

I learned that Look Sharp sells sparkly things kids can wear to school.

I learned that kids can talk during an entire movie - but then pause it so they can race to the toilet and back becuase they don't want to miss anything.

I learned that they're way more across Matariki than I was at their age.

But, ever since I was their age, I've been taught the value of Kaitahi - to eat together - and this weekend we'll do that, we'll look back on the past, we'll celebrate the present and our whanaungatanga (relationships) and where we are right now, and we'll get excited about the future knowing some of our best days are yet to come. And we'll do it together as whanau.

And speaking of family - I only just learned that Sam is going to Europe with HIS family for a big holiday?! 

I learned that the thought of him not being here makes me sad. I've said it before and I'll say it again - he's like my brother another mother... a special little brother who needs help with his reading and time management. But, none the less, a brother all the same, and I'm really going to miss him. 



As a team we work very intimately together. And, as much as I love Toni and Jase, sometimes… 

"Everybody needs a little time away

I heard her say, from each other

Even lovers need a holiday

Far away, from each other"

I’m leaving on a jet plane to Italy with my family for a month.

My parents have always wanted to do this. 

It’s always been something my mum dreamt of doing! The whole family in Italy! Cos remember I’m Italian.  You might recall I did the tv show DNA detectives…

They traced my ancestry and I’m 0.4% Sardinian! So if that’s not an excuse I don’t know what is. 

And this probably is the last chance. 

Dad is older and more frail. 

He’s worked through the prostate cancer but the drugs to keep it at bay are pretty hard on him. 

And… so was the 40 years and roofing my parents both endured that has enabled this dream to become a reality.

And the 40 years before that from my grandfather Len Wallace who was a welder and a fabricator.  Both generations have worked for every dollar. As i’ve said… their inheritance and my parents are paying the way. 

So to some this up… it’s probably more than a trip of a life time. It’s the trip of three lifetimes. 

Some would call it privilege. Some would call it lucky. But I’ve always found that luck is so often proceeded with good decisions over a long period of time.  And in this case nearly a century of good decisions. 

Now, I know I leave a giant whole in Coast breakfast. There will be far less text complaints about my reading of the chasers questions and far less chance of the more esteemed BSA complaint. But I know the team will step up while I’m away. 

So arrivederci! If you need me I’ll be eating buckets of burrata… loving my wife. Looking my kids in the eye. Swapping stories with my dad. Dancing with my mum and arguing with my sister cos that’s what good families do! 


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